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Most technology has been created by Coders, people that have only a vague understanding of the challenges you face daily. Our system was created by Dispatchers – FOR Dispatchers – Using our experience we lead coders to build a SOLUTION that we are confident will simplify your day. Giving you the tool you need to “Plan your work and Work your Plan”.

Anticipate Problems and Stay In Control

Technology should remove work NOT ADD work, solve problems NOT CRETE them. Spending days building databases and paying someone a huge setup FEE, probably means the system is to complicated to operate and will only add to your stress.

Our system is designed to be functioning in 30 minutes or less, NO Setup Fee.


The ability to voice connect on mobile phones has been wonderful, but WOW at the misunderstandings.  Our system automatically texts to your driver all information needed, in written words, to deliver that load.

In real time!

Information the driver needs when he needs it. Not a flood of information that distracts them from the task they are assigned. With the click of a button you, the dispatcher, are notified of the status of that load.

Eliminate Paperwork

There is a difference in the function of Communication and Accounting Systems. They should not be mixed together. Our system is a Dispatching system, generating the invoices needed by your accounting. Once each load is completed, that information can be downloaded into your accounting, providing your bookkeepers the information they need automatically, allowing you to focus on the dispatching.

Get Paid for using our system

Yes, you read that correctly.  You earn money using our system!!!!!

This is a completely new way of using software, which is why we have named our company New Frontier Systems. 

The power of cloud technology, is it creates the ability to CONNECT in a deeper level with people and companies, that you work with every day.

Our system gives you the ability to SELL advertisements on your invoices, for companies that you want to be associated with, which will add to the service level your customers need.  A win-win for everyone.

Give us the chance to demo how this happens.  You will be astounded.


When implemented correctly, the advertising Income from the operation of our dispatching system should be DOUBLE the cost.  Solving problems while at the same time generating revenue.  WIN – WIN.

Small Company

  • 3 Dispatcher
  • 4 Trucks
  • 4 Drivers
  • Unlimited Clients

Large Company

  • 5 Dispatchers
  • 10 Trucks
  • 10 Drivers
  • Unlimited Clients

The Simplicity of the System

This Dispatching system consists of only two pages, of course each page has a lot of information and functions, however, the point is that all you need to learn is these two pages and their functions.   The value is in the design.  Intuitive & Simple

Load Schedule Page

Drag and Drop technology is at the heart of this page. Create a load with a click, if the load needs to be moved just drag and drop if the times change just drag and drop. Quick and easy, let the machine do the work. There are two levels of access to this information 1) the dispatcher and owner see everything 2) the driver sees only the info he needs to complete his assignment.

Invoice Page

This is the page that transmits all relevant info for each unique load to each participant of that load both Dispatcher and Driver. Also, this is the page that solves your paperwork problems. Once created it is easily downloaded directly to your accounting system. The majority of the page is easily built from stored info. NO more double and quadruple handling of paper.

Solutions for your Dispatching Problems

Simple, Effective and Affordable.   FREE TRIAL.   What more can we do?

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About Us

New Frontier Systems, Inc

This system was conceived over 20 years ago on a Florida Turf farm. Turf is a perishable product and required strict co-ordination between the harvesting crew, the driver and the Landscaper. Honoring delivery commitments was essential. An extremely high level of service was expected from our trucking department.

For many years we relied on strict communication procedures but even then, there were constant misunderstandings. Misunderstandings were expensive, so a solution needed to be found. We created a process that eliminated voice communication and used the power of the written word. The process worked but the hardware was not yet available to be extremely efficient. Cloud computing technology provided the answer.

Three years ago, we closed the Turf business to focus on bringing our system to market. We know from experience this process works and will give you the ability to take your trucking service to a new level.

Do not let your competitors improve their service level first. Take advantage of this new technology.

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